Niskayuna Great Tree Hunt Winners, 2022

Largest Poplar and Largest Overall Tree

To recognize and celebrate the many, beautiful, old trees in Niskayuna, the Niskayuna Tree Council sponsored its first-ever Great Tree Hunt!                              

Trees provide many benefits to the town of Niskayuna. Trees:

  • Improve air quality by producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide
  • Increase property values
  • Reduce energy usage by providing shade
  • Improve the town’s economic viability
  • Provide food, shelter, and habitat for birds and wildlife
  • Absorb sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 40%
  • Have appraised values of up to $10,000
  • Reduce stress and improve one’s mood
  • Bind the soil and prevent erosion
  • Settle out and trap dust, pollen, and smoke from the air
  • Provide a living legacy for the next generation

The Tree Council is hoping that by recognizing and celebrating these old giants, we can help preserve them for future generations.

The town was looking for the largest trees in the following categories: Beech, Hemlock, Maple, Oak, White Pine, Willow, and Other. Niskayuna residents had to submit the type of tree, tree circumference (measured at the 4 feet level), and tree location. We had over 25 entries. You can see all entries here. Congratulations to the winners and to all for submitting entries of your beautiful trees! Certificates for all the winners can be picked up at the Town Planner’s office (Laura Robertson) at Town Hall.

The winning entries for each category (photos below):

Largest Silver Maple

Nominator: Matt Gaspary

Location: Lock 7 Road

Measurement: 204 inches

Largest Multi-Stemmed Silver Maple

Nominator: Dan Smith

Location: Clifton Park Rd.

Measurement: 252 inches

Largest White Oak

Nominator: Teddy Ciampa

Location: Baker Ave.

Measurement: 173 inches

Largest Swamp Oak

Nominator: Kay Matuszyk

Location: Baker Ave.

Measurement: 103 inches

Largest White Pine

Nominator: Jon Marr

Location Antonia Drive

Measurement: 132 inches

Largest Willow

Nominator: Leigh Ciampa

Location: Baker Woods Park

Measurement: 181 inches

Largest Poplar (& Largest Tree Overall!)

Nominator: Jordan Frank

Location: Off Bike Path on Lock 7 Road

Measurement: 295 inches

Largest Tulip Tree

Nominator: Jaime Bisceglia

Location: Grand Blvd.

Measurement: 140 inches

Largest Dawn Redwood

Nominator: Carol Carey

Location: Mohawk Rd.

Measurement: 57 inches

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over

The Tree Council also reminds residents that with the spongy moth infestation this past year, fall is the time to look at your trees to see if there are any egg sacs on your trees. If there are, you should scrape them off into sudsy water to destroy them and not onto the ground. On the ground, they can still live. By doing this now, you can protect your trees for next year. You can get more information on spongy moths and how to protect your trees here and by watching a spongy moth seminar given to town