Arbor Day 2021

The town of Niskayuna held a series of Arbor Day events this year. On Thursday, April 22nd, two sassafras trees were planted at the Senior Community Center. Town Supervisor, Yasmine Syed, read the annual Tree Proclamation and spoke about the benefits of trees in our community, and in particular the specific benefits of the sassafras tree. The sassafras has many benefits for humans and wildlife. Early Americans used the leaves, bark, and flowers for cooking, healing and fragrance, and sassafras roots were used for making root beer. Its fruit is eaten by many birds, small mammals, and butterflies, particularly the Tiger Swallowtail, and it also is a natural tick and mosquito repellant!

Other attendees at the Tree Planting ceremony included Town Board member, Rosemarie Perez-Jaquith; Town Planner, Laura Robertson; Tree Council Chair, Carol Carey; and Community Center staff members Linda O’Brien, Edie Cannizzo, and Robin McPartlon. A special thanks also goes to the Highway Dept. for their help in planting the tree.

Town Board member, Rosemarie Perez-Jaquith, Town Supervisor, Yasmine Syed, and Tree Council Chair Carol Carey and one of the new sassafras trees

On Sat., April 24th, a drive-through event was held at the same location. Over 250 trees (of 13 different varieties) were handed out to local residents. Additionally, a brochure about the many benefits of trees, coloring pages, a scavenger hunt, and catalpa seeds were handed out. This year’s event had the largest attendance since the start of Niskayuna’s Arbor Day celebration 6 years ago, and the Town Board and Tree Council were very pleased with the continued interest and participation by the local residents.

Niskayuna Tree Commission volunteers ready to give out trees and pamphlets.
Tree Commission volunteers working the Arbor Day tree give-away drive through.
A long line of Niskayuna residents awaited the start of the tree give-away.