Spring Blossom Photo Contest

The Niskayuna Tree Council held its 2022 Spring Blossoms Photo Contest in conjunction with Arbor Day this year. We had numerous entries of beautiful, local trees coming into bloom. Winners were awarded in 3 age categories: under 12, 12-18, and over 18. Gift certificates to Target, Uncle Rico’s Pizza, and the Niskayuna Co Op were given to the winners.

Contest Winners: In the Under 12 category, the winner was Jake Kostroroski with a photo of a flower-laden magnolia tree in bloom on Dean St. This photo contrasts the pink blossoms with the purple azalea beneath it, and the fallen petals stand out nicely against the dark brown mulch. In the 12-18 category, the winner was Zachary Kostoroski. This photo is an outstanding example of spring trees in a Niskayuna neighborhood, starting to bud out after a hard winter. The various shades of green in the grass and the tree blossoms adds depth and interest.This photo was taken on Lexington Parkway. And in the over 18 category, the winner was Carol Rowell. Carol’s photo is a close-up of pink crab apple blossoms. The fine, close-up detail, with the various shades of pink blossoms accented by the yellow stamens, makes this photo a winner.   

Honorable mention in the over 18 category goes to Lori Kwiatkowski and Maria Stoodley. Both entries show how trees can benefit birds, insects, and other wildlife. Lori’s photo is a stunning close-up of a swallowtail butterfly on a variety of lilac called “Sensation”. The butterfly is perfectly framed by the purple with white-trimmed, lilac blossoms. Lori says this lilac seems to be a favorite stop for butterflies. And Maria’s photo is of a baltimore oriole in a crabapple tree. The orange and black oriole centered in the middle of the photo and surrounded by airy, white blossoms and dark branches makes this photo stand out.

Thanks to all the entrants that submitted photos. These photos show some of the truly amazing natural beauty that we have here in town.